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House Cleaning

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House Cleaning | Expresso Cleaning Services

Expresso Cleaning Service is rapidly gaining a reputation among a growing list of satisfied customers for immaculate and quick house cleaning services. My clients in Cape Coral, FL know they can depend on...

Carpet Cleaning | Expresso Cleaning Services

You have experienced those one-size-fits-all carpet cleaning services. At Expresso Cleaning Service, I specialize in providing carpet cleaning services that are as unique as your home or office. I take the time to...

Window Cleaning | Expresso Cleaning Services

As the eyes are the windows to the soul, windows are the eyes of the home. They reflect your life to the world and tell it something about you, and they are the way you view the world. They also open up your life to...

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Never do spring cleaning again. Instead, you can rely on the immaculate cleaning services provided to the Cape Coral, FL area by Expresso Cleaning Services.

As founder of the company, I, Daniel Toia, set for myself a simple business model to live by: Do an honest day’s work for an honest fee. With that as my guiding principle, I have set out to clean up Cape Coral, one house at a time.

While I do clean offices, my focus is on the restoration and maintenance of a clean home and atmosphere for your family. I use only top quality cleaning products that are known for being environmentally friendly and will not leave fumes or residue behind that can disturb your well-being. If you have a favorite cleaning product, either because you like the scent or you know you do not have an allergic reaction to it, I am happy to incorporate it when I clean your home.

I offer a variety of services that include carpet cleaning and yes, I do windows. I provide free estimates, so if you only need a couple of rooms cleaned for guests or a rental unit restored for new tenants, I can more than accommodate your specific needs.

I do all the work myself, so you can be sure you are getting top drawer service from the person who knows your house and your personal preferences best.

When you want the very best on-the-spot cleaning, you can’t go wrong by calling Expresso Cleaning Services in Cape Coral, FL. Take a break while I clean your home.